Friends of Jim Gray suspend search

Jim Gray is a pioneer in database research, and contributed greatly to the concept of transactions with roll-back and roll-forward, all very commonplace nowadays. Late january I posted about his test of Sun's thumper, apparently on the same day he went out sailing solo out of San Fransico Bay into the Pacific. He's been lost since. All efforts (and they've involved some very high-tech methods) so far have not resulted in any trace of Jim or his vessel, the Tenacious.

In the last several days, the Friends of Jim group has reviewed all the data with Coast Guard officials. The fact is that we have no evidence as to what has happened to Tenacious or to Jim Gray. Neither we nor the Coast Guard can come up with a surface search plan that is likely to find either Tenacious or Jim, given everything that has been done already.

Accordingly, the Friends of Jim group is suspending its active effort to find Tenacious that has been centered here at the blog. For both the Coast Guard and the Friends of Jim, “suspension” means that the active search has been discontinued due to exhausting all present leads and the lack of new information. Of course, should we or the Coast Guard receive any new information, we will investigate it.


Opensolaris zfs + dtrace guides available in pt_BR translation

A few opensolaris enthousiasts have translated the guides to dtrace and zfs
into Brasilian Portuguese.

OpenSolaris i18n Forums: pt_BR translation zfs + dtrace guides available for review

I'm pleased to announce that the Brazilian Portuguese SGML & PDF version of the following book are now available in the Download Center:

Solaris Dynamic Tracing Guide ( Solaris 10 3/05 : SGML & PDF)
Solaris ZFS Administration Guide ( Solaris 10 11/06 : SGML & PDF)

Note to self: I need to share this with our DBA's...


HP announces support for Solaris-10 on Xeon

The Unix Guardian says: HP announces support for Solaris 10 on Xeon. The reasoning being that Sun has no Xeon h/w of its own at this time. Interesting, as in my job the x86/x64 server h/w is all HP, running either Windows or Linux. Our ERP systems all run on SPARC/Solaris, though.

And the same article mentions Transitive chalked up HP for its h/w emulation technology, adding them to the matrix of multi-platform cross-overs.