Starslip by Kris Straub - rebranded

(via Scott Kurz and webcomics.com)

Kris Straub has revamped his web comic Starslip - a science fiction comic about a museum starship that's been recommissioned for battle. As he describes on webcomics.com, he has gone through a long and painful process going back and forth about the decision and finally decided to get done with it.

The comic has a new look, a new title, the artwork has been improved, and the storyline is restarting as well. I've long been wanting to add it to my daily web comic routine, but as of today, it is in.

Go have a look!


Packet Construction Set

Here's something I'm going check out. A toolkit for creating protocol stacks in Python called the Packet Construction Kit. The admin for the project is George Neville Neil of freebsd and ACM Queue KV fame.

Best wishes to all for 2009!